Career Opportunity

Dasilva World Travel, LTD.

Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

Dasilva World Travel Ltd. offers the opportunity for serious professionals to join the organization as an Independent Travel Agent.

At Dasilva World Travel we are excited about our new initiative to grow our business.

Our innovative Dasilva Travel Independent Travel Agent (DITA) program has been under design and piloted for over 25 years and we are ready to have you participate. There have been a lot of changes in the travel industry over the past few years and today the increasing popularity of the home based travel agent is certainly one of them. If you are considering the home based agent market then you should consider partnering with someone you know and trust and someone that can give you an advantage.

The Dasilva Travel brand is the most powerful selling tool a home based agent can have.

As anyone in sales or marketing can attest, the consumer takes comfort in longevity of long term companies. At Dasilva Travel our DITA program is seen as another sales channel. In addition to our travel office, and our internet site we have now added a third sales channel – the DITA working from home.

A DITA will work from their home office but affiliated with the HOST OFFICE.

You will be a virtual extension of that office but working for yourself, under contract with Dasilva Travel, as an independent business person. As such, you will also be in a position to reap the financial advantages of being in your own business. So, if you are an experienced travel agent or interested in becoming a travel agent that specializes in leisure travel and you want to be independent, then please read on.

The Dasilva Travel ITA program will associate you with an organization that will give you that advantage over your competition and allow you all the benefits of being an independent business person. Read through the additional information we have provided and feel free to contact us for further information if necessary or apply immediately.

Luke daSilva Curiel CTC, Dasilva Travel Ltd.